Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This just proves how random my diabetes really is

I thought I could best describe it with a picture:

Click to see a larger version

Notice the little "average" icon on the right. Yes, 8.7 - is that awesome or what!? (The green indicates my target range, between 4 and 8mmol/L).

I'm normally an average of about 10 mmol/L, so that little number makes me very happy to see :) (Thanks Log for Life!)

But it has come at a cost, as you can see from today's graph, I've been low three times already.
Trust me when I say I am starting to feel the effects of it. Getting tired, brain is just a constant fog and I can't concentrate on anything for more than a minute. I've been eating fruit bars like there's no tomorrow, and even switched to having sugar in my tea today instead of Equal, but I keep going low. Must be because I had a very light dinner last night - hubby is learning to cook vegetarian and he made a delicious cauliflower soup. Don't make that face! It honestly was delicious, with potatoes, celery and almonds. Yum! But not many carbs.

I normally eat about 150 - 170g carbs per day, and I don't know whether that counts as a low carb diet or not, it's just what I eat. I try to eat sensible food, but if you put something tasty in front of me, I will probably eat some of it. And test and inject to cope with it. No strict meal plans or anything. Which makes life...interesting. :P

And yes, I am blogging while low. haha. I will probably need to cull this post tomorrow!


  1. Do you pay for the logforlife thing? Do you like it?
    Pros? Cons?

  2. Yep it's $9 US p/month, but you can get a free 30 day full functioning trial which is good. I figured I would try it, and then fork out if I found it good.

    There's a cool feature that really sold it for me in that it does trend analysis. I had been looking for some software that would take all the masses of data I was accumulating and turn it into useful info I could act on. I found that I had to wait for about 2 weeks until this feature had enough data to work properly. And then I could see what my percentages below, in, and above my target range. I started off at about 7% in target, and now I've up to nearly 20% in target! That may not sound like much, but I thought it was awesome enough a result to warrant the purchase :D

    I want to get an iPhone and use the mobile logging feature, and do-away with the paper log book. That would be most excellent I think.

    Things I don't like... that the graph feature only shows you blood sugars... i want to see insulin graphs, carb graphs, exercise graphs. I would love custom reports, and I believe that the mobile version doesn't have any graphs... I would like a graph on the mobile version.

    I like... that you can enter more than one item per time, the super-quick service from the development team (just flick them an email), the overall interface, and the way it's developed by a diabetic and really helps me in my control.

    I would definitely recommend trying it out, it might suit or might not. :D