Monday, May 3, 2010

So many forms!

I've just filled in a small forest of forms in preparation for my surgery on May 20th. All the pre-admission forms, and appointment cards, and scary-looking "patient-information" brochures.

Again, I've slipped a bit. I was supposed to send this stuff as soon as I got it, but I forgot so now I'm rushing around filling out paper work at the last minute. Sure it will be fine. Hope it will be fine. I really don't think I could handle having the op post-poned, the suspense is really doing my head in.

In other news, the wonderful Kerri Morrone-Sparling and her husband Chris have had their first child. You can read all about it here: sixuntilme

This morning my office had two pregnant women, one with twins, and a new dad, and pics of a new baby doing the rounds vis email. sigh. My colleague who sits next to me noted that there seemed to be pregnant people everywhere!

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