Friday, May 28, 2010

Soooo relieved!

Sweet Husband and I were discussing my blog the other night, and he mentioned that he has let his eldest son/my stepson into "the know" about our plans for IVF. I couldn't be happier :) It's not that we've been keeping it a secret, but it's not something that you just throw into a conversation with anyone, you know, just to spice things up! Yeah, na. It usually takes me ages to work up the nerves to discuss IVF stuff with my close family (Hubby, Mum, Dad, Sister), and they already know about it in general.

Apparently Stepson reacted quite well, he's happy. I am SOOOO relieved. I was really worried that the kids might be upset. I'm not sure why. But I hated the idea that they could ever be upset or worried. We do pretty well as a blended family at the moment, so the last thing I was to do is screw that up.

Hubby said he was asking about me, and the whole operation issue came up:
Stepson: "Yeah, but what's the operation for?"
Hubby: "It's... woman stuff"
Stepson: "Yeah, what?" He's more grown up than I thought. So he got a fair explanation about the hysteroscopy, and the background story about it being part of the prep for IVF.

I am proud. He's 15yrs, and the first thing he said was really down to earth:
Stepson: "Where will we put a baby Dad?"
Hmmm, yeah, our little house is empty most of the time, but every second weekend when 3 kids descend on us, it's suddenly WAY too full! But Stepson and Hubby were pragmatic as ever. The sleepout could be converted back into a bedroom (currenlty it's an office) and that would give us a little bedroom in the house back. Just one of the many considerations which need to be worked out.

We will be celebrating with all the family round for chinese food tonight, it's Hubby's birthday! Woohoo! That means kids, parents, grandparents, the works. Maybe we will also get a chance this weekend to talk to the two younger kids, and see how they feel. It gets awkward about there, as one is slightly too young to know about the birds'n'bees stuff yet. Perhaps we will "keep the talks high-level" for now :P

In other good news, Hubby has expressed an interest in contributing to the blog. That would be cool. Give a guys point of view to all my ramblings! But that would mean... dum dum daaaaaaa! A BIG REVEAL. Yes, I am currently considering "unveiling" who I am, so I can also post photos and videos of me and Hubby, as we go along in this process. What do you think? Do you want to know who we are? Do you care? Does it matter in the grand scheme of things? I would love to hear your thoughts...


  1. LOL about your stepson. That's such a boy response - being so practical. Love it ;) And love that he's all for it.

    Big reveal? Hmmm yeah, not a biggie me thinks. Have you read ? She has recently come out of the closet, but it made no difference in truth. Her commenters (It should be commentators shouldn't it but that sounds wrong) still call her Blair. She still had pics, videos etc etc - but it protected her identity a little. So no, don't care :) As long as you keep the integrity in your blogging, which I know you will!!!

  2. I quite like using a psyu.. psude.. psudenom.. (cuss, can't spell it!) nom-de-plume :) Maybe I will add photos and stuff, but just not real name? More consideration required...