Friday, June 11, 2010

Pasta, Puzzles, and Lawyers

Got myself a lawyer today. A really nice one. Yes, she is going to charge me the earth :P

But it feels really good to know that what my boss did to me was officially very illegal. I'm not crazy, and you can't just offer someone the choice between resigning or taking redundancy. It just don't work like that! So now I have some backup, and a plan, and I feel much better.

Had a morning tea get together with some of my mates from my ex-work. They are pretty shaken up about the whole thing. Giving me big hugs, lots of advice, and telling me how they're now looking over their shoulders all the time. That's really sad. I will be ok, but I'm worried about them having to continue working under those conditions. There are not many options in our little city.

One of my good friends brought her young son, and as she is currently on maternity leave, I hadn't seen her in about a week. She's the same friend who was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Her little boy has grown up so much since I saw him last, he was running around and generally being adorable. And of course, she looked absolutely radiant! I talked to her about how I wasn't sure how being unemployed would affect our plans for IVF. Especially since I will now not get maternity leave. She basically said it wasn't that much money anyway, and being on a single income shouldn't really stop us from doing what we want. Made me feel good anyway, stopped me thinking that my life depends on work!

We've got the kids this weekend, and I made a yummy pasta bake which they basically slurped up before it was out of the oven! After a was-jig puzzle and some telly, I am sooooo ready for the weekend!

Once again, thank you to everyone our there on the interwebs for your supportive comments and emails. You rock! Gold stars all round! :D


  1. Your friend is oh so right. Totally. And she's on mat leave and her son is running around? OMG that's quick.

    Pasta bake sounds like a delicious carb fix.

    Whatever you're paying your lawyer will be worth it. When I was in a similar-ish situation a few years back I engaged a barrister (oooh yeah) and she was about 6k but I just added it to what the company paid out. She may be able to do that too :)

    Happy weekend. Relax if you can. Keep those sugars sweet (so to speak).

  2. I am so glad you have a lawyer and that you aren't letting your boss walk all over you. Good luck!!

  3. Thanks Saffy! I will do my best to "keep the sugars sweet" :P

    Thanks Kerri, yep I feel tons better now I've got some legal help :)

  4. So glad you hired a lawyer! I wish more people would stand up for themselves!

  5. Yep, I didn't think it would be wise to "go it alone" - I don't trust my old employer at all now!