Monday, June 14, 2010

Today was a test for me: I had nothing planned. No work to go to. No appointments with lawyers. No Hubby home from work to talk to. All my friends and family would be at their jobs all day. I had to find something to do!

I've done 2 loads of washing. I cleaned the kitchen. I wrote my resume. I hunted for jobs online (and found 2 which I will apply for, but I don't realistically expect to get). I did the groceries, and bought a new hairbrush. I bought the prettiest pink nail polish because the colour made me happy (Orly's Je t'aime - you really can't got wrong with a name like that!).
And I finally "manned up" and went to speak to my lovely pharmacist about pre-natal vitamins. They were fantastic! They loaded me up with this Blackmore's Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold, and also a special 5mg folic acid supplement to take because I'm a T1.
I tried calling my ob/gyn to see why I haven't had a referral to the fertility clinic yet, but the kindly receptionist explained that they were swamped and could she call back tomorrow? Come to think of it, I'm also waiting on a call from the lawyer today... and that hasn't happened either.

Oh, and I got woken up this morning by a phone call from my lovely aunt. She's an absolute sweetie. While my Dad is stressed about my "redundancy" and gets all worried, my aunt gets MAD! She was telling me not to sign anything! Take them to court! Get their name smeared across the papers etc etc. Sigh. If I was a rich girl... maybe I would consider doing that sort of thing. At the moment I think I will have to let them buy me off, because I can't afford the possibility of losing an employment battle.

I had noticed that my blood sugars had been riding quite high over the high-stress days of the last week. Yesterday, they were approaching normal, but after the phone call with Auntie I was back up to the ceiling. :P I've just got to try and keep calm. Everyone keeps telling me they can't believe how calm and "together" I seem to be. Well, maybe it's because at the end of the day I am happy to get out of that place, and now I feel very much like I've been given a second chance. (Don't get me wrong. My boss is still a raving lunatic. And what he did was still incredibly illegal in this day and age, there's no doubt about that.) I believe this will give me some time to re-evaluate what's important in my life, and create some new plans. :)

So, how's your Monday?


  1. LOVE the nail polish :)

    Good on you for 'manning up' on the prenatals front :)

    I hope you hear back from everyone tomorrow.

    2 jobs on the first day's hunting? Pretty good me thinks?

    Maybe you have been given a second chance. Once a raving lunatic, always a mean raving lunatic? Making new plans sounds great... and in the meantime, it's good practice for when you have junior - you know, the whole 'everyone else is at work' bit?

  2. The lawyer called me shortly after I clicked "post" :P She had only good things to tell me, so I'm feeling quite relaxed about the whole thing.

    haha, yeah, it's strange being in control of my whole day! Kind of exhilarating :D