Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Check out this article

According to the BBC, the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is withdrawing it's insulin from sale in Greece, due to that country's response to it's own financial woes. An estimated 50,000 Greeks use this brand of insulin, and it is expected to cause problems in the diabetic community there.

You can read the full article here.

At least Novo Nordisk is offering a replacement... oh wait! What? Glucagen! No, that is not an insulin product - it's for putting your blood sugar up! D'oh! :(


  1. K, do you find that a little scary or am I just a hormonal over-reactor? Surely that's just poor reporting about the glucagen. If it's not, then all the product mgmt people at NN deserve to be booted to the curb. Actually this from the article sums it up: "a violation of corporate social responsibility".

  2. No, it's scary alright!

    I hate the fact that my well-being depends on a continuous supply of insulin. Which in turn depends on a supply chain, made of people and computers, both of which have been known to crash or make errors! I hate feeling tied into the system.