Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When patience is not a virtue

We have been sitting here patiently waiting for an appointment for our first consult at the fertility clinic since Feb 2010. Yesterday I called my ob-gyn's office to see what was happening. He's supposed to be writing a referral letter to the fertility clinic for us. The lovely receptionist called me back today, to let me know that my paper work was "still in her typing pile" and she "would do it tomorrow", which is today. Argh! All that time wasted! Nearly 4 months :(

Oh well, at least I called - now things should get rolling, hopefully.

p.s. took my first pre-natal vitamins this morning. Feels good.


  1. Sounds like you need to add them to your speed dial! Hang in there! Glad you're feeling good about the vitamins- it makes me feel better, at least mentally!

  2. WHAT??????????????????????????????????

    Oh that's poor. I feel your frustration.

    Maybe the OB sat on the paperwork for ages before handing it to her? GRRRR.

    But hey, your sugars are looking amazing and you're popping the baby friendly pills, so all is on the up :)

    Hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods today!!

  3. haha yeah. I am beginning to wonder if maybe the ob/gyn was giving me a test, to see if I would call back to prove that I'm up for IVF.... but maybe that's just me having too much time to think now? :P It's good to know the ball is rolling now though :D