Saturday, June 26, 2010

A telling blood test

I'm watching Ocean's Eleven on telly, so this post may be a bit erratic as I type-and-watch at the same time :P

I talked about how I went to get my last pre-fertility-clinic blood tests a couple of posts back, well, Hubby got his test done today :) I'm so proud! He's not a big fan of needles.

And, the best part was that we have the kids to stay with us this weekend, and in order to get everyone in the car in time to get to the lab which closed in half an hour cos it's a Saturday (breath) Hubby ended up explaining to the two littlies why he was getting a blood test. So know everyone in our family knows the plan, and they all seemed really happy about it. :)

Youngest step-son even asked "Is IVF that thing we saw on telly last weekend, on the Sunday show, with Jay Jay and Dom?" YES! Well done! (he's 9yrs old) :D

They got a quick explanation of what it involves: taking a sperm from Hubby and a egg from me, and mixing it in a dish in a laboratory (not a lavatory, which caused much laughter!). Of course that involved a quick explanation to 9yr old step-son about why it was all necessary. Cue: a quick description of a vasectomy. Honestly, it was one of the most surreal moments of my life. :)

And then it was off to the lab for the blood test, and then off to the supermarket to get lunch.

p.s. in case you're wondering, llittle sister hasn't written her boy a Dear John letter just yet.


  1. That's great that it's so well explained for the kids :) Maybe we should write a few variations of the letter for her ;) Happy weekend my dear - hope the gale isn't blowing at your place like it is here!!!

  2. 9 year olds take in a lot more than we realize, don't they? Sometimes it's just as stressful for us when our husband's have things done because we worry about their frame of mind through infertility too. So, I'm very glad he handled it all well and is finished. Yay for both of you.

  3. I love that you're honest with them! It sounds like you have a wonderful family and I'm so happy you have support for growing your family!

    You've just tempted me to want to watch Ocean's Eleven- we watched "Extraordinary Measures" this afternoon and it was pretty good...however I love a good and FREE TV movie!