Saturday, June 5, 2010

Testing on the road

This is me, testing my blood sugar this morning:

Hubby and I went for a bike ride along the sea front. It's roughly 10Kms, but today at 11.30am there was a ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of a new pedestrian bridge, Te Rewa Rewa:
This makes the whole promenade an extra 3Kms. We left home at 11am, and pedalled like mad to the other end to reach the bridge in time for the ceremony. Made it at 11.28! We hopped off our bikes, and joined the crowd of people waiting to cross for the first time. And then I started to feel a bit off. The world started to swim in front of me, and I felt ill. Hubby got a bit worried, so I quickly did a test. With hundreds of people around me, I got 10mmol/L. Perfect. :) I wasn't low, just unfit! haha

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  1. Great photo of the bridge! and laughing with you about the potential hypo - I may've thought the diabetes was responsible for a few feelings like that too, only to find it was for a more 'normal' reason. Drat :p Happy long weekend hon :)